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I have been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and work in many amazing places with talented people doing some very rewarding projects.  This page is a small sampling of some of the workshops I've attended and experiences I bring with me to my work.

Dry Stone Canada


Amherst Island (2015)

The annual stone festival for Dry Stone Canada was an ambitious project that involved solar alignment, Irish music, and Rick Mercer.  

Perth (2016)

Perth, Ontario received a brand new drystone bridge for it's 200th birthday.

Italian Trullo

Thea Alvin + Norman Haddow

I traveled to Italy in the fall of 2014 to learn the various building techniques used to construct a Trullo, the stone hut that is omnipresent in the region.  To learn more about future workshops or to see Thea and Norman's work, click on their names above.

The Stone Foundation (2016) Gualala, CA

In 2016 I was able to attend the 14th Stonework Symposium which focused on stonework in the public realm.  My focus at the symposium was Kevin Carman's pebble mosaic workshop.

The Stone Trust

Various workshops

I took my first official dry stone workshop in 2014 and have since come back as a volunteer and instructor.  I cannot recommend highly enough the experience you gain from taking a workshop at the Stone Trust.  For upcoming workshops or more information about dry stone building in the U.S. check out there website by clicking on the link above.

Boston Flower Show (2017)
For the third year in a row Brian Fairfield, owner of Maine Stonework, brought together a powerhouse of talent to build what was dubbed "The Fairy House".  Eleven DSWA certified wallers, including myself, worked for three long days to complete the build.  The exhibit won the highest honor, Best in Show, as well as four other awards.
Expeditions Research (2017)
I traveled to Gozo, Malta, an island between Sicily and Tunisia, to pursue applied anthropology research into the vernacular architecture of Malta's dry stone.   I hope to eventually condense and publish my findings.
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